Board and Staff

The Oracle Education Foundation’s Board of Directors is comprised of three Oracle executives and four independent experts in education and philanthropy. The Foundation’s staff is comprised of dedicated Oracle employees whose time is donated to the Foundation.

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Board of Directors

Safra Catz
Safra Catz, Chair CEO, Oracle
Mark Atkinson
Mark Atkinson, Director CEO, Mursion
John Baugh
John Baugh, Director Professor of Psychology, Anthropology, Education, Linguistics, and African and African-American Studies, Washington University in St. Louis
Wim Coekaerts
Wim Coekaerts, Director Senior Vice President, Oracle Operating Systems and Virtualization Engineering
Diane Flannery
Diane Flannery, Director CEO, Headington Institute
Matthew Mayerson
Matthew Mayerson, Director and Treasurer Senior Vice President, Oracle Manufacturing and Distribution
Barbara Means
Barbara Means, Director Executive Director, Learning Science Research, Digital Promise
Colleen Cassity
Colleen Cassity, Secretary Vice President, Oracle Corporate Citizenship and Executive Director, Oracle Education Foundation

Foundation Staff

Colleen Cassity
Colleen Cassity Executive Director
Ashley Sullivan
Ashley Sullivan Senior Manager
Leon Young
Leon Young Program Manager and Lead Instructor
Abigail Joseph
Abigail Joseph Lead Instructor
Alex Larrimore
Alex Larrimore Senior Instructor
Jeremy Young
Jeremy Young Senior Instructor
Rhia Bakshi
Rhia Bakshi Finance
Maria Cruz
Maria Cruz Finance